Day 6: Kansas… no waving fields of wheat to relieve the landscape.

Sunday, June 2, 2013. – Goodland, Kansas KOA – campsite 26. Miles Traveled: 441.  
Entered Mountain Time Zone. Elevation: 3,681 feet. One more time zone to Susie’s!
Total Trip Miles: 1,265 since leaving home. Miles Left to Richland: about 1,306.

John outdid himself with a long day of driving and we’re still in Kansas… The land is very flat, with lots of farms and grain silos, not many trees, the occasional oil pump and a couple of wind farms where the windmills were almost at a standstill.  We are beginning to get into the extreme drought area and many of the fields are brown and dusty.  Pickup trucks on dirt roads leave brown dust clouds and contrails similar to planes in the sky…

About Holly Ritger

I am retired, enjoying being a grandmother, traveling to National Parks and other interesting places in our RV with my husband of 43 years, and visiting with friends and family. Hobbies: photography, learning about wildflowers and birds, and trees, and reading from my kindle.
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4 Responses to Day 6: Kansas… no waving fields of wheat to relieve the landscape.

  1. tybeegal says:

    Wow! Y’all covered a lot of miles today. My John did a couple days like that too. It was very tiring on him. He doesn’t stop for naps, but he pulls into most of the rest areas. Kansas was good about having lots of rest areas. If you keep making that kind of headway you will be able to stop and do a little sightseeing somewhere. Are you going straight through Colorado or cutting north at Denver?


    • Holly Ritger says:

      hmmm… I doubt we can do that many miles every day or even two days in a row. I don’t want to wear the old boy out!! John wants to go through Grand Junction, CO and that route adds only another hour to the trip. I don’t know if I can relax enough to sightsee till I get closer to Richland. : )


  2. Nancy Piechowiak says:

    I’m enjoying “traveling along with you”. And I’m very happy you’re out of the bad weather.


  3. Holly Ritger says:

    Thanks Nancy. No one can be more pleased than myself that we are far enough west to avoid most of those tornadoes! Here we just have to watch for rock slides and other drivers… I would have said avalanches in the mountain passes but there isn’t enough snow to worry about!! We are finally getting into the mountains with tall fir and evergreens, and aspens, streams with lots of fast moving water… It’s just so nice out west in the mountains!!


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