Oregon Dunes National Rec’n Area and Umpqua Lighthouse

Wednesday, July 24, 2013. The Mill RV Park, North Bend/Coos Bay, OR. Elevation: 26 feet. Low: 51 ; High: 60.

We went to the National Forest Visitor Center to see what was in the area and headed to Umpqua Lighthouse State Park. We arrived just in time to join a tour of the lighthouse…

We drove to the Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area, just north of North Bend. Most places I’m familiar with that have sand dunes, frown on people walking on them as they protect the shoreline. This park even allows ATVs to ride all over them! We found an easy access point with a boardwalk to the ocean, and another that was a short trail…

About Holly Ritger

I am retired, enjoying being a grandmother, traveling to National Parks and other interesting places in our RV with my husband of 43 years, and visiting with friends and family. Hobbies: photography, learning about wildflowers and birds, and trees, and reading from my kindle.
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2 Responses to Oregon Dunes National Rec’n Area and Umpqua Lighthouse

  1. We stopped to take pictures of the Umqua Lighthouse a few years ago but missed taking a tour. What a treat! I love lighthouses and Oregon has some beautiful ones. Have you tried to stay in an Oregon State Park yet? There are some really close to the beach and they are great.


    • Holly Ritger says:

      I love lighthouses too, and the history of lifesaving and rescues from ship wrecks. Some of the state parks looked enticing but we have been opting for electric or full hook up sites this trip. Our needs have changed over the years… there was a time when we would only camp in National Forests or parks : )


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