Higher Elevations and Cooler Temperatures…

July 24th

Looking for cooler temperatures, we took day trips to places around 10,000 feet or higher in the mountains, and revisited County Road 550, and the towns of Ouray and Silverton. (John noticed my favorite wildflowers are currently at higher elevations… and some ski areas have many different species in bloom.) My most striking memories from these towns are the beautiful 100+ year old Victorian homes and businesses, and the history of the gold rush from the 1890s. I found I am really interested in the process of mining and life in the mining towns… It is amazing to me that the miners in the 1890s were prospecting in such extremely rugged mountain areas with not much more than a pickaxe.

Originally established by miners chasing silver and gold in the surrounding mountains, the town of Ouray, Colorado at one time boasted more horses and mules than people. Prospectors arrived in the area in 1875. At the height of the mining, Ouray had more than 30 active mines.

We continued on CR 550 towards Silverton. We stopped by Bear Creek Falls…
Bear Creek Falls, hitting the splash basin at the base...

Bear Creek Falls, hitting the splash basin at the base…

CR 550 south of Bear Creek Falls

CR 550 south of Bear Creek Falls

Back on CR 550, we continued through red mine country…

and on to Silverton…

About Holly Ritger

I am retired, enjoying being a grandmother, traveling to National Parks and other interesting places in our RV with my husband of 43 years, and visiting with friends and family. Hobbies: photography, learning about wildflowers and birds, and trees, and reading from my kindle.
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5 Responses to Higher Elevations and Cooler Temperatures…

  1. Ingrid says:

    Ah, one of my favorite spots in Colorado 🙂


  2. Frank & Ann Wolak says:

    Seems like you have been gone forever & you are still finding beautiful places to visit. We envy you. Safe Travels. Ann & Frank


  3. tybeegal says:

    I love the western looks of Ouray and Silverton. Ouray does a wonderful 4th of July display. I’ll tell you about it when you get to the beach. My favorite hike of all time is near Silverton, the hike to ice lake.


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