Driving to Atlanta….

Friday, August 1st
Our Drive East –

We left early, knowing that we had a long, hot day of driving ahead… We drove by cornfields, open grasslands, and lots of prairie dog towns. Rolling swales and hills, windmill farms on the horizon, living snow fences of 2-3 rows of juniper trees or evergreen trees… We drove by lots of farms dotting the countryside, cattle grazing. We saw a strange structure along Hwy 24, and I later found it was the Genoa Tower…

We stopped for the day in WaKeeney, Kansas around 4:00 pm CT (we lost an hour today!) and set up camp and got the air going. It was 94 degrees and hot and sunny. We ended up staying here a few nights and we just got caught up and relaxed, and doing a few chores (laundry, and an oil change for Big Red.) Our plan is to arrive home by the 9th…

Monday, August 4th
We got an early start, and we plan to camp in Kansas City, MO, 329 miles away. We camped here on the way west and it’s a nice campground. We got in around 3:00 pm, set up and streamed a few shows on Netflix while we relaxed. We have another good day of driving tomorrow.

Tuesday, August 5th
We have reached humid weather in Missouri and the mid 90 temps feel more oppressive than they did out west. We packed up and got back on the road, heading to Benton, IL for the night (328 miles away.) Our site at the Benton KOA is at an elevation of only 383 feet, even lower than Atlanta!

Wednesday, August 6th
Our destination is Manchester, TN KOA, where we have stayed many times before. It is an easy drive from Manchester to home (281 miles.) We plan on staying there 3 mights, before arriving home. We would like to check out the Bourbon Trail and visit Jack Daniels Distillery. We arrived at our campsite around 3:00 pm, and set up, and got the air going. I was hoping for more shade here but we do have a tree on each side, keeping Big Red cool!

Thursday, August 7th
We set out for Jack Daniels and signed up for a free Tour after arriving. The Visitor Center is a beautiful building, displaying the history of Jack Daniels distillery, the country’s oldest and holder of certificate # 1 (issued after prohibition.) Our tour had just gotten started when our tour guide informed us there was a planned power outage starting in a few moments and it would last an hour. This meant we couldn’t tour the buildings where the big vats of cornmash and yeast are and see how the bourbon is made. We did see the ricks of wood that are burned to make charcoal to run the burner. We walked through the revenuers old office, and the bottling plant. I wish we had known about the power outage ahead of time; we would have toured at a different time.

We stopped in historic Lynchburg, TN for lunch, and Holly stopped in a few shops. It was 96 and very humid so I cut the shopping trip short. We headed back, as the sky turned gray and the temp dropped 20 as the wind picked up… Tomorrow is supposed to be a good old rainy day, and I plan on staying inside and working on photos, and blog. It did rain on and off all day; good for napping, relaxing, and doing whatever.

Saturday, August 9th
Our last day on the road was uneventful, and we arrived home around 4:00 pm. I love driving into the cul-de-sac and seeing our yard in such good shape…

Our neighbors watered as needed and the yard man did a great job; and, I had someone clean the house. What a great way to arrive home! Now, if only we can find a dishwasher and dryer, and get them installed quickly we will be in great shape!

Next on the horizon: Beach trip to Tybee Island, Georgia with the kids and grandkids for a week. We rented a house big enough for all of us, close to the beach. Sounds like heaven to me….

Trip Stats:
Nights on the Road: 66
Different Campsites: 19
Miles Driven: 8,062
Miles 5th Wheel Towed: 3,706

About Holly Ritger

I am retired, enjoying being a grandmother, traveling to National Parks and other interesting places in our RV with my husband of 43 years, and visiting with friends and family. Hobbies: photography, learning about wildflowers and birds, and trees, and reading from my kindle.
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6 Responses to Driving to Atlanta….

  1. Welcome home! Have fun at the beach!


  2. placestheygo says:

    You just had a few nice days for Atlanta in the summer. Our son lives in
    Atlanta so we watch the weather. That was quite a trip home. Enjoythe beach:)


  3. Frank & Ann Wolak says:

    Glad you are home safe & sound. Who could ask for anything more than the wonderful adventure & relaxation you have experienced the past few months. Looking forward to seeing you in the near future. Love Ann & Frank


  4. Holly Ritger says:

    Thanks Ann… I am so glad you are doing better after the surgery. Continue to heal, girl!


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